• Shoe Sprinkles - women's hand painted canvas loafers signed by the artist. Every pair provides 18 meals for families in need.

Spreading Kindness

Our hand painted loafers are deliberately designed to evoke heartwarming memories and beautiful imagery. Our goal is to make you feel happy every time you slip them on your feet. And, here's the best part: according to science, happy people are more likely to be kind.

Feeding Families In Need

1 in 9 people struggle with hunger, many of whom are kids. It’s heartbreaking. We want to help feed those folks. For every purchase, we provide 18 meals to needy families. Learn more.

Walking Through Joy

We hope our hand painted loafers walk you through the joys in life - pockets of love, bursts of laughter and bonding moments of friendship. And, on the tough days, bring a smile to your face.