10 Humorous Signs That You Have A Full-Blown Shoe Obsession

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Woman obsessed with shoes
 "The best part of every morning is deciding which shoes you are going to wear." 

Are your shoes your “everything”? Would you sacrifice anything for them? Here are 10 humorous signs that you have a full-blown shoe obsession.

1. When another woman looks too closely at your shoes, you eye her suspiciously

Suspicious woman


2. Vacations are a nightmare . . . you hate to leave your shoes for any length of time

Woman panicking


3. Whenever you come home, it takes you 30 minutes to put your shoes away because you clean them (tops and bottoms), shine them, dry them and nestle them perfectly in their box.

Grooming shoes


4. No one is allowed to touch your shoes unless they’ve just washed their hands

Woman washing hands


5. You consider shoe shopping your calling in life

Woman shoe shopping 


6. The best part of every morning is deciding which shoes you’re going to wear.

Woman looking in a shoe closet


7. If there was ever a fire in your house, you’re going to grab the shoes first.

Shoe pile


8. You keep your shoe closet locked 

Locked closet


9. You’ve purposely befriended your shoe repairman so you can get advice ANY time you need it

Shoe repairman


10. You’re totally okay with paying any price for a pair of shoes you love
Money pile

Your turn . . .

Lol . . . do you display any signs of a having a shoe obsession?

Did we leave out any signs?

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