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10 Shoes That Scream "Chinese New Year"

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chinese new year

Chinese New Year, which is celebrated around the world, is a time for elaborate festivities. We've found 10 pairs of unique and stunning shoes that are just perfect for this beautiful holiday.

1. Embroidered platform pumps

chinese embroidered shoes

2. Black plum ballet flats

chinese ballet flats


3. High tops with embroidered flowers

chinese sneakers

4. Tiger baby shoes

chinese baby shoes

5. Platform boots

chinese boots

6. Antique lotus shoes

antique lotus shoes

7. Wedding shoes

chinese shoesphoto: unitedwithlove

8. Girl's mary janes

chinese girls shoes

9. Chinese dragon sneakers

chinese sneakers

photo: kixandthecity

10. Ancient foot binding shoes

chinese foot binding shoes

Your turn . . .

Which shoes are your favorite?

Have you ever been to a Chinese New Year celebration? 

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