10 Things Men Will Never Understand About Shoes

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Men don't understand lots of stuff about women . . . why we go to the ladies room together, why it feels so good to take off your bra at the end of the day, why we like to talk about our emotions, etc.

And, here are ten things men don't understand about shoes:

1. You need lots of shoes

lots of shoes

The average woman has 27 pairs of shoes in her closet (the average man has a mere 12). What men don't understand is that we need lots of shoes for a wide range of outfits, events, occasions and moods. Flats, sneakers, flip-flops, high heels, and boots, they all have an important place in our closet.


2. You always need more shoes

lots of shoes

Styles change, so you need new shoes. You buy a new outfit, so you need new shoes. Your favorite pair of brown loafers are shot and you need to replace them, so you need new shoes (they don't have the color you want, so to console yourself, you buy two pairs).


3. Shoes improve your mood

improve mood

Many women will tell you that they love their shoes because of the way they make them feel. Slip on a pair of new shoes that you love, and you walk out the door feeling happy. Wear a pair of stylish boots, that go perfectly with your outfit, and feel the smile spread across your face.


4. Shoes boost self-esteem

boost self esteem

Not every woman can wear snug jeans, low-cut shirts, or short skirts. It's not fair, but as we all know, only certain body types can pull off certain styles of clothes. But shoes, on the other hand, can look great on everyone. You can look great in a pair of shoes, no matter your body type - fat, thin, tall, or short. Unlike trying on clothes, trying on shoes can be a self-esteem booster.


5. It's sometimes okay to sacrifice comfort

shoe pain

You're going to a family wedding, and have a fabulous outfit. One tiny glitch, the shoes that look great with your dress aren't very comfortable. You rationalize the discomfort. You'll be sitting during dinner, so uncomfortable shoes are not a problem. And on the dance floor, you can just take off the shoes. Dancing barefoot, what fun! 


6. Shoes are art


Shoes, because they are three-dimensional, have a sculptural quality. Think about the way shoes are displayed in stores, often they are perched on a beautiful stand. Beautiful shoes, featuring embroidery, vibrant patterns and other artistic details, sometimes make them almost too pretty to wear!  


7. Walking in certain shoes can be treacherous

dangerous walk

We've all been there. You're a bit wobbly walking in a pair of heels. With each step, you carefully place one foot in front of the other, gauging your stability before you step down with your full weight. And the less often you wear high heels, the trickier they are to navigate. To avoid injury (and embarrassment!), we need to tread carefully in high heels.


8. Shoes can be slimming

slim scaleHeels, because they add height, make us appear taller and thinner. And, the higher the heel, the slimmer we look. Who doesn't want that! 


9. Shoes provide a platform for self-expression

self expression

Shoes allow us to create an image of ourselves that we wish to show the world. We wear them as a way to define our identity and express ourselves in a non-committed way (unlike a haircut, which is more permanent). We can change what we want to express every time we change our shoes. 


10. Shoes are a link to the past


As little girls, many of us can remember strutting around in our mother's shoes. Perhaps we were having fun playing dress-up, or maybe we were just pretending to be like our moms. These good memories can stick with us for a lifetime, and shoes will always be associated with happy times. 

Your turn . . . 

Did we leave anything out? Are there other things that men don't understand about shoes? 

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