12 Adorable Baby Shoes That Will Have You Oohing And Aahing

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cute baby shoes
Tiny moccasins, teeny sneakers, miniature UGGs . . . so cute!

Warning! After seeing these shoes you’re going to want to cuddle a baby immediately.

1. Baby loafers

baby loafers

2. Crochet sandals

Crochet baby sandals


3. Crochet mary jane's

Crochet baby mary jane's


4. Miniature Toms

Baby Toms


5. Tiny moccasins

Baby moccasins


6. Baby converse for girls

Baby girl converse


7. Baby converse for boys

Boys baby converse

8. Miniature UGGs

Baby UGGs


9. Crochet sneakers

Crochet converse


10.  Crochet nikes

crochet nikes


11. Tiny ballet shoes

Baby ballet shoes


12. Crochet frog shoes

crochet baby frog sandals

Your turn . . . 

Which pair of these adorable shoes are your favorite?

What makes baby shoes so darn cute?

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