Do You Know How to Buy Shoes That Fit Perfectly?

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perfect fit shoes
 Use our nine easy tips to achieve perfect comfort when you buy your next pair of shoes.

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a pair of shoes in the store, only to get them home and never wear them because they hurt your feet. As you gaze into your closet at these beautiful and unworn shoes, you feel so sad. Don’t let that happen to you ever again.

Here are our nine shoe buying tips:

1. Time of day


Always go shoe shopping at the end of the day, never in the morning. Walking over the course of the day will cause your feet to swell a bit. To get proper fitting shoes, that don’t hurt your feet, you want to shop for shoes when your feet are at their biggest.

2. Go for the bigger foot

woman's foot

Almost no one has two feet that are exactly the same size, one foot is usually a little bit bigger. When purchasing shoes, make sure your bigger foot is not uncomfortable. When in doubt, always purchase the shoes that are slightly bigger rather than slightly smaller.

3. Immediate comfort

walking on clouds

If you don’t feel comfortable immediately, do not buy the shoes. No matter how much you love them, they will probably never feel any better on your feet. Try not to rationalize that they just need to be “broken in” or that they’ll stretch over time. This is rarely the case.

4. Walk around

walking in pumps

Walk around the store a bit. Standing is not enough. To determine whether or not shoes truly fit, you must see how they feel as you walk in them.

5. Trust yourself

Don’t pay too much attention to the shoe’s size or description, trust what your feet are telling you. Are you comfortable? There’s lots of size variation from one manufacturer to another.

6. Clean insides

ballet flat with bows
Sometimes there are seams, tags, or something else in the inside of the shoes that might cause blisters. Run your fingers in the insides of the shoes to see if there is anything that may be potentially irritating down the road.

7. Measure

measuring tape
As we grow older, the size of our feet changes (usually getting bigger). So, before trying on shoes, always have your feet measured.

8. Wear the right socks

socksIf you are trying on sneakers (or another type of shoe that you wear with socks) make sure to bring the same type of socks that you intend to wear with the shoes. For example, if you are trying on loafers that you plan on wearing with thin socks, don’t try them on with thick socks.

9. Sneakers run smaller than shoes

walking sneakers

In general, sneakers tend to run smaller than shoes. So when trying on sneakers, don't be shy about asking for a bigger size if needed.

Your turn . . .

Did you ever buy shoes and then never wear them because they were uncomfortable?

Did we leave anything out . . . do you have any other shoe buying tips?

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