Do You Know What Your Shoes Reveal About Your Personality?

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shoe personality
 Is the stereotype true? . . . “women who prefer flamboyant shoes are extroverted”

Here’s a fun look at what your shoes might be saying about you. A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality showed that personality traits are closely linked to footwear preferences. Christian Crandall, a professor of psychology at the University of Kansas and lead author of the study, said “Nobody doubts that faces, heads and hairdos tell a lot about a person. But we thought “What about shoes?”

Designer shoes
designer shoes

Unsurprisingly, women who wear fancy high-end designer shoes are likely to earn more money than women who skip designer footwear. In addition, they tend to care more about their appearance and what others think of them. As a side note, women who favor brand-new, well-kept shoes tend to be more anxious about their relationships. Also, the study debunked certain myths about women who wear designer shoes. They are not less agreeable, more conscientious, or more likely to be Republican.

Colorful sneakers

colorful sneakers
The study found that women who prefer bright and colorful sneakers tend to be more emotionally stable and experience less anxiety in their personal relationships (less fear of separation from loved ones, less dependency, etc.). The stereotype that women who prefer flamboyant footwear are more extroverted proved to be untrue.

High top sneakers

orange high tops

According to the study, people who wear high tops tend to be standoffish and introverted. Also, they’re less likely to be agreeable and conscientious. However, sometimes the outfit puts a twist in the story. If a woman is wearing a conservative business suit and a pair of orange high tops, she may be agreeable and conscientious, but just enjoys bending the rules a bit and doesn’t like to take herself too seriously.

Comfortable, worn-in shoes

women's worn in shoes

Women who wear comfortable, worn-in shoes tend to be extroverted and emotionally stable. This is somewhat surprising, as many people would probably not guess that comfortable shoe wearers tend to be extroverts. In addition, if the shoes are old, but well-kept, this is an indication that the wearer is conscientious.

All comfort, no style shoes

womens birkenstocksPicture a woman wearing a pair of Birkenstock’s. You are far from alone if you think that this woman eats granola by the bucketful and has liberal political views. However, according to the study, Birkenstock wearers have no distinct personality traits or political views.

Biker-style boots

womens biker boots
The study found that women who don biker-style boots tend to be aggressive, reserved and egocentric. They display a diminished lack of trust in others and prefer to do things alone.

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Your turn . . .

Do you think it's true . . . do certain types of shoes indicate specific personality traits?

What do your favorite shoes say about you?

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