And On The Tenth Day, God Created Women's Shoes

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God created shoes for kind women - shoe sprinkles

by Debbie Gruber

God knows that kind women, who are always doing for others, have busy lives and require many different types of shoes. Here's what he was thinking when he created women's shoes: 

The story of God's shoe creations

On the 10th day, God looked down at all the good women with big hearts and said, “I bet they need shoes.” So he created a wide variety, in all sizes and colors . . . enough for all kind women to wear and enjoy.

He knew there would be days when a kind woman would need to move quickly . . . running to the drug store to pick up cough medicine for her sick son, dashing to the market to purchase groceries for the evening meal, or flying out the door to catch the bus to work.

S o , G o d   c r e a t e d   f l a t s.

He knew there would be snowy winter days that she would want to be outdoors . . . helping her kids build a snowman, gathering wood from the shed in the yard, or walking an elderly neighbor’s dog.

S o , G o d   c r e a t e d   w a r m   b o o t s.

He knew there would be sticky summer days that she would be standing in the hot sun . . .  watching her children splash in the ocean, manning a lemonade stand to raise money for charity, or cheering at her daughter’s soccer game.

S o , G o d   c r e a t e d   f l i p   f l o p s.

He knew there would be days that she would need to work off her stress and worries . . . like when her husband has a setback at work, her son is bullied at school, or her best friend’s mom passes away.

S o , G o d   c r e a t e d   s n e a k e r s.

And, last but not least, God knew there would be days that regardless of what else was going on in her life, that she would need to feel like a woman . . . feminine, desirable and beautiful. Perhaps a night out to dinner with her husband, without the kids. Just the two of them laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

S o , G o d   c r e a t e d   h i g h   h e e l s.

Walking Through Joy

This story reminds me that life can be complicated and downright difficult at times. Even so, I try to be optimistic. It is one of my dearest hopes that our hand painted loafers walk you through the joys in life - pockets of love, bursts of laughter and bonding moments of friendship. And, on the tough days, bring a smile to your face. 

How could these colorful shoes not bring a smile to your face?

Tie dye hand painted canvas loafers - shoe sprinkles

Your turn . . .

Did we leave anything out? What other shoes did God create with women in mind?

What shoes are most important in your life . . . which ones do you wear all the time?

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