17 Animal Photos Guaranteed To Melt Your Kind Heart

baby meerkatsby Debbie Gruber

These photos are sure to make you smile, even if you're having a blah day. I bet you're going to be saying "awwww" a lot.  

The photo above is of baby meerkats. Their cuteness literally takes my breath away. To be honest, before discovering this photo, I had never heard of meerkats. Here's a bit about them:

  • They're native to southern Africa
  • They purr when they're happy
  • They chatter when they're nervous

Hope you enjoy the photos!

#1 Baby seal

baby seal

photo: imgur.com/bsFJm

#2 Sweet dog guarding his baby

 dog and infant 

#3 Baby giraffe

baby giraffe

photo: flickr/izzi 

#4 Cats cuddling

Cats cuddling 

#5 Baby elephant

baby elephant

photo: africanoverlandtours.com 

#6 Baboon love

Baboon love

#7 Duckling


#8 Puppy kissing

puppy kissing

 #9 Baby deer

baby deer

photo: jeffmooreimages.net 

#10 Monkeys hugging

monkeys hugging

#11 Puffer fish

baby puffer fish 

photo: flickr/nikazdesignz

#12 Baby hedgehog

baby hedgehog

photo: flickr/bluelunarrose 

#13 Dog hugging his teddy bear

Dog hugging stuffed animal

#14 Piglet


#15 Baby hippo giving a kiss

baby hippo

photo: dailymail.co.uk 

#16 Baby chimpanzee

baby chimpanzee 

#17 Curious dog

curious dog

My Heart Melts A Lot

These precious animals melt my heart. To be honest, my heart melts often. A touching movie, an act of kindness, a good hug, even a heartfelt commercial can bring me to tears. 

Our cozy heart socks pays tribute to all women with beautiful hearts that melt easily.

heart socks - shoe sprinkles

Your Turn . . . 

How did you like these sweet animal photos?

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  • brian dworkin on

    beautiful…but the meerkats
    ; they looked like a sculpture, and not real; their coats looked carved!

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