12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kind Women

smiling woman with heartsby Debbie Gruber

Cupid himself could not have discovered more wonderful Valentine's gifts. I hope you love these products as much as we do.

#1 Glasses that give back

colorful glass

photo: glassybaby.com

Not only are their glasses stunning, but this company gives back - $3 from every purchase goes to the glassybaby foundation which provides hope and healing.  As of the writing of this article, over $10 million dollars has been donated.


#2 Sunshine in a box

sunshine in a box

photo: mouth.com

Kind woman, who are always doing for others, sometimes forget to take care of themselves. This box fixes that. Treat her to tea, lemon cookies, and other goodies.


#3 Kindness print 

Kindness print

photo: Etsy/bowpeepcreations

So simple. So beautiful. This lovely piece of art goes with any decor. 


#4 Socks that give back

bombas socks

photo: jillwillrun.com

Every kind woman will appreciate Bombas' mission - for every pair of socks sold, they donate a pair to a homeless shelter. Plus, their socks are built to last. Here's a review.


#5 Be kind enamel pin

be kind enamel pin

photo: Etsy/CommanderKingdom

A beautiful, clean-lined pin that any kind woman would be proud to wear.


#6 Belly-warming chicken noodle soup

chicken noodle soup

photo: spoonfulofcomfort.com

Make a kind woman smile by sending her a comforting and delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup. But, that's not all. The soup comes with rolls, cookies, and a personalized note from you.


#7 Kindness lawn sign

kindness lawn sign

photo: Etsy/BoredomBusterCrafts

This colorful lawn sign gives kind women the chance to spread positivity.


#8 Cable knit cream scarf that gives back

scarf from st judes

photo: stjude.org 

Not only is this a beautiful and warm gift for any kind woman, but each purchase supports the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


#9 Box of love and hugs

box of love and hugs

photo: Succulentgiftboxes

This box literally says "Sending you love and hugs". A kind woman gives plenty of love and hugs to others. And, she needs love and hugs too. This comforting box includes: a succulent plant, a lavender scented candle, assorted sweets, and more. 


#10 Kindness necklace

kindness necklace

photo: Etsy/PingoVita

This adjustable length necklace is made of stainless steel. You'll make a kind woman so happy when she receives this necklace and beautiful message.


#11 Inspirational car magnet

kindness car magnet

photo: Etsy/ItsAllAboutUDesign

This colorful car magnet echoes the humanitarian sentiments of kind women: hope, love, kindness, etc. It's heavy duty and measures 6"x4". 


#12 Give apples to the hungry on behalf of a kind woman


Through Feeding America you can give fresh, healthy apples (or another food) to families in need. And, you can do this on behalf of a kind woman. 

Products That "Gives Back"

Like several of the items mentioned above, our products also "give back". That was really important to me. With each purchase, we provide meals to families in need. Here's more about our mission to impact hunger.

Your Turn . . . 

Did we miss anything? Can you think of any other gifts that a kind woman would love?

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