Compassionate Firefighters Whip Up Dinner For An Elderly Woman

firefighter cooking over stoveby: Debbie Gruber / photo: Petaluma Firefighters Local 1415

This story proves good people are out there. And, that makes my heart so happy.

Here's what happened when firefighters in Petaluma, California responded to an emergency call:  

"Engine 81 and Medic 91 were dispatched for a possible medical emergency at a residence. Upon arrival they were greeted by an elderly lady that accidentally activated her lifeline. The lady lived by herself and advised the crew she was waiting for her son to come and make her dinner. These firefighters had a few minutes to spare, so the crew took it upon themselves to prepare and cook dinner for this lady."

Oh how I wish everyone would show more humanity. A little bit of kindness and compassion goes such a long way.

be kind

That woman will never forget the firefighters who made her dinner. And perhaps one day, remembering the kindness that was shown to her, she will pass a bit of kindness along to someone else. 

Imagine how wonderful the world would be if ripples of love and kindness continuously passed from one person to another. 

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Your Turn . . . 

What's your reaction to the firefighters' simple act of kindness?

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