Compassionate 6th Grader Realizes Neighbor Hasn’t Left Her House For Weeks

old woman hands foldedby: Debbie Gruber

Kids sometimes get a bad rap - labeled as selfish or inconsiderate. This story proves good kids with compassionate hearts are out there.

I'm not sure where this story comes from but it touches my heart: 

I drive a school bus and have a 6th grader who I would like to talk about.

Last week he was talking about an elderly neighbor not leaving her house for weeks. I tried to explain how hard it could be for her to do things.

On Tuesday I pulled up and he wasn't at the stop waiting. I looked over and saw him shoveling her porch. I was early so I waited for him.

The other kids asked why I waited. I said, "Anyone helping someone deserves a few extra minutes." All the kids started asking him questions about his neighbor.

The next day, seven children got on the bus with blankets, food and cards for the elderly woman. I delivered them after work.

Now everyday she stands on the porch and the whole bus waves good morning. I am so proud of him for stepping up and doing the right thing. He taught all the children something important.

I smile with pride in my heart because of the extraordinary children I have on my bus.

These type of stories make my heart smile. And, give me so much hope. 

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Listening to the news can give you a pessimistic attitude about the world. Many of the news stories are negative, about bad people doing bad things.   

I wish there was a news program devoted to good news, stories about good people doing good things. 

Your Turn . . .

What did you think about this boy? Do you think kids learn compassion or are born with compassion in their hearts?

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  • Nadine on

    I believe some people have compassion naturally, but I also believe it can be taught and learned.

  • Pamela on

    That’s touches my heart, yes I know there are still kind people and children. Love it

  • Sandra Hopfensperger on

    God Bless him, I hope he never changes!

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