For A Whole Year, Teacher Tapes Quarters Under Needy Student’s Desk So He Can Buy Ice Cream

studentby Debbie Gruber

Teachers often use their own money to buy school supplies for their kids. Here's a compassionate teacher who goes beyond school supplies:  

"I had a student who was on a free lunch program. But, that did not include money for ice cream that the kids were allowed to buy on Fridays. I didn't want this sweet boy to feel left out or even worse, self-conscious because his family couldn't provide ice cream money. 
So, every Friday, for the entire school year, I taped two quarters under his desk so he could buy ice cream with the rest of his classmates on Friday." 

vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

What this teacher did for this boy makes my heart so happy! I wish I knew who she was so I could hug her and thank her for her compassion. 

There are lots of good people out there. Good people like this teacher. 

Your Turn . . .

What did you think about this story? Do you know a teacher who went above and beyond?

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  • Shelly Gruber on

    Teachers are one of the most under rated professional group of care givers in our country.
    They are under payed , under appropriated and should be recognized as fantastic contributors to our society.
    Bless you all.🙏🙏🙏

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