Teen Donates His Test Points To Help The Kid Who Scored Lowest

teens by: Debbie Gruber / photo: Winston Lee

Winston Lee, a teacher in Whitesburg, KY, saw something on an exam that he'd never seen before.

The note below, found on an 11th-grade history exam, was written by a straight-A student who had received five extra bonus points. It said, "If you could, can you give my bonus points to whoever scores the lowest?"


photo: Winston Lee

Lee said he was "taken aback" by the note, citing that he normally sees students covet every test point they get, in an effort to get the highest grade possible. 

"I took it as a really compassionate, loving and kind act from a young person that most people would consider rare." Lee remarked. 

The extra points enabled the lowest-scoring student go from a failing grade to a passing one. 


This Act Of Kindness Was Not Without Controversy

Amid the positive comments, people questioned whether it was okay to give away test points to a student that did not earn them.

Someone commented, "An offer to help the struggling student(s) to learn the material would be better." Another suggested, "The grades reflect that they learned something when they didn't."

Lee responded to the controversy, "I tried to not let any of the negative comments affect any of the positivity that was coming from it. I just wanted to honor what this student had asked for and felt he earned his right to give his points away because it was such an amazing gesture."

"Never in my teaching experience have I heard of a student willingly give away something they had earned to allow an extra opportunity for someone else. So, the ultimate message is to take from his example and pay it forward." Lee said. 

Your Turn . . .

What do you think about giving a student test points that weren't earned?

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