We’ll Be Open On Christmas. If You Are Alone, Pop In For A Hug.

We're open on Christmasby Debbie Gruber / photo: Facebook @MoonbeamsandMayhem

Here's the entire message on the sign in the photo, "We are open Christmas Day from 12-2pm . . . If you are alone, pop in for a hug and a mince pie! You don't have to buy anything. We are family."

[True confession: I have no idea who these people are or where their store is located. I'm guessing they're in the U.K. because that's where mince pie is very popular. Not to get off topic, but what exactly is mince pie anyway?]

This couple makes my heart sing. I love hearing stories about good people and their kind deeds. Their smiles and chalkboard sign tell me all I need to know about them.

They're concerned about people. People that are alone on Christmas. They want to help folks feel less alone. How beautiful is that? I wish more people were like them.

There are lots of beautiful stories about Christmas kindness.  

A Biker Group Replaces Christmas Toys Stolen From A Texas Church

 biker group

I love this story.

Over the course of an entire year, a church in San Benito Texas collected 300 Christmas toys for underprivileged children. The unexpected gifts were going to make these kids really happy.

The plan was for Live Now Ministries to pick up the toys from the church and distribute them to the kids. Unfortunately, someone had other plans. A man, pretending to work for the ministry, stole all the toys.

That's when the Calaveras Motorcycle Club stepped in. They hosted an event to replace the stole toys. It was a big success, they collected a trailer full of toys!

The guys in the Calaveras Motorcycle Club have beautiful hearts. They made something good come out of something bad.

Secret Santa

man in santa hat

Giving a surprise holiday gift to a stranger makes my heart so happy. Here are a few of my favorites:

Anonymously Giving Strangers $200

"Secret Santa" passes random kindness to strangers

Secret Santa's homeless elf

Good people are out there. We need good folks in our lives all the time, but especially when we are going through a difficult time.  

Gray Skies

When our skies are gray, sort of like these shoes . . . 

gray ombre hand painted loafers - shoe sprinkles

. . . we need to look for the good people. People who will help make us feel better. People who care. Someone who will be a comfort. An empathetic listener who will give us a hug and a warm smile. 

Your turn . . . 

How can we keep Christmas kindness alive the whole year?

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