Jewel Ombre
Jewel Ombre
Jewel Ombre
Jewel Ombre

Jewel Ombre



Help End Hunger For every pair purchased, we provide 18 meals to families in need

Think jewels are beautiful? Us too. These stunning treasures are buried deep beneath the earth's surface and are as old as the human race itself. Fun fact: the most expensive gemstone is the blue diamond, at a whopping $3.9 million per carat! We took ruby red along with shades of purple amethyst and sapphire blue, and applied them in an ombre pattern. Each jewel-toned color blends into the next. Reminding you of beautiful jewels, your loafers will make you happy every time you wear them.

Our hand painted slip-ons are signed by the artist on the back of the right shoe (see the last photo). They are one-of-a-kind, no two pairs are exactly the same.

  • Ships in 4 days or less
  • FREE shipping to U.S. / $9 to Canada
  • FREE gift ($12 value) - the “red string” bracelet is believed to bring good luck
  • Hand painted loafers signed by the artist (signature in back of the right shoe)
  • Vegan materials - canvas slip-ons with 100% rubber soles
  • Designed & decorated in the U.S.
  • With every purchase, we provide 18 meals to families in need

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