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Debbie & Andrew GruberHello, my name is Debbie Gruber and I’m the founder of Shoe Sprinkles, located in Long Island, New York. I’m a lifelong shoe enthusiast (enthusiast sounds saner than addict, right?) who doesn’t discriminate. Sneakers, loafers, pumps, wedges, platforms . . . I love them all. However, my current lifestyle as a mom puts a bit of a damper on the high heels. Carpools and grocery runs don’t mix that well with stilettos. So these days, you’ll usually find me in flats.

In 2015 I started experimenting with techniques to transfer images onto canvas shoes. Through trial and error, I discovered how to create perfectly beautiful shoes. And that’s how Shoe Sprinkles was born.

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Love, Laughter + Shoes  

Our goal is to make you happy every time you look down at your feet. We do that by crafting custom canvas slip ons that remind you of the love in your life – your family, a beloved pet, upcoming wedding, new baby on the way, etc.

We hope our shoes walk you through the joys in life . . . pockets of love, bursts of laughter and bonding moments of friendship. And on the tough days, bring a smile to your face.

Shoe Sprinkles is proud to be on your feet as you journey through life. Each and every pair is handcrafted with  in the USA. We hope you enjoy wearing our footwear as much as we enjoy creating it!

Our Furry Team Leader

Lucky Gruber havaneseLucky, an 11-pound male Havanese, is our team leader. We know what you’re thinking . . . how can a dog be a team leader? It’s simple - he encourages everyone to do their best by providing unconditional love and support. Plus, his antics make us laugh. What more can any team ask for?

We don’t worry about him chewing the inventory. He prefers chomping down on leather shoes, not canvas.