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Copy of Perfect Fit Guarantee

If your Shoe Sprinkles don't fit like a glove, don't worry. We can take care of that.

After lots of research and testing, we discovered how to transform shoes that are a tad tight or a bit big, into footwear that molds exactly to your feet.

If Your Shoe Sprinkles Are A Tad Tight

Ugh! You know the feeling, pinched toes and constricted feet. An easy solution is found right in your kitchen. It's the microwave. Yes, you read that correctly. The microwave. 

How to stretch your Shoe Sprinkles:

  • Place your shoes in the microwave
  • Microwave on medium for 45 seconds (use a higher setting for less powerful microwaves)
  • Carefully slip them on your feet (the shoes should feel warm) 
  • Walk around for a few minutes
  • If they're still too tight: repeat the process (but this time when you walk around, wear thick socks).

Here's a video of microwave shoe stretching in action.  

If Your Shoe Sprinkles Are A Bit Big

We've created a "Perfect Fit Kit", which contains items that will magically tighten up the fit of your Shoe Sprinkles.

To get a "Perfect Fit Kit":

  • Just email us: PerfectFit@ShoeSprinkles.com and we'll mail you a kit

In the meantime, until your kit arrives, please try stuffing some cotton into the toes of your Shoe Sprinkles. That can help a bit.

Your "Perfect Fit Kit"

Your kit contains two items: insoles and heel liners. 

First, use the insoles to make your shoes fit tighter:

  • Purchase insoles in a drug store, a big box store like Target or Walmart, or on Amazon (here's a pair of Dr. Scholl's insoles on Amazon)  
  • Place the newly purchased insoles on top of the insoles that are already in your Shoe Sprinkles
  • Try on your shoes

here's how to tighten the fit of your Shoe Sprinkles:

  • Place the insoles inside your shoes (this will tighten the fit a bit)
  • If more tightening is necessary: remove the adhesive backing from the heel liners
  • Place the heel liners on inside of your shoes, in the back ( 

You can use insoles or heel liners (or both).


    If your Shoe Sprinkles are still a bit loose, then the next step is to apply heel liners (also called heel cushions).

    Use heel liners to make your shoes fit tighter:

    • Although not as common as insoles, heel liners can be purchased in most drugs stores, big box stores and on Amazon (here's a pair of Fancy Feet heel liners on Amazon)  
    • Attach the heel liners on the inside of your Shoe Sprinkles, at the very back, close to the top of the shoes (this video, at 1:45, shows you exactly where and how to adhere the liners)
    • Try on your shoes

    If your Shoe Sprinkles are still not quite as tight as you would like, just double up on the insoles or heel liners (or both).

    Please note, if your heel liners are not sticking properly to the backs of your shoes, then just dab on a bit of eyelash glue (this video, shows you how).