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If your Shoe Sprinkles don't fit like a glove, don't worry. That's easy to fix.

After lots of research and testing, we discovered how to transform canvas shoes that are a tad tight or a bit big, into footwear that molds exactly to your regular width feet

IMPORTANT - Currently, all Shoe Sprinkles are made for regular width feet. IF YOUR FEET ARE NARROW OR WIDE, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE FIT. The information below, about stretching / tightening your Shoe Sprinkles, will only work for regular width feet.

If Your Shoe Sprinkles Are A Tad Tight

Ugh! You know the feeling, pinched toes and constricted feet. A fast and easy solution is found in your kitchen, using your microwave. Yes, you read that correctly. Your microwave. 

<think about putting the video up here>

How to stretch your Shoe Sprinkles:

  • Place your shoes in the microwave
  • Microwave on medium for 45 seconds (use a higher setting for less powerful microwaves)
  • Slip them on your feet while the shoes are still warm 
  • Walk around for five minutes

If your shoes are still too tight, repeat the microwave process, but make the following modifications:

  • Increase the microwave power
  • When you walk around for five minutes, wear thick socks (if you don't have thick socks, wear several pairs of regular socks)

Here's a video of microwave shoe stretching in action.  

If Your Shoe Sprinkles Are A Bit Big

We have "Perfect Fit Insoles", which will magically tighten up the fit of your Shoe Sprinkles.

To receive a FREE pair of "Perfect Fit Insoles":

  • Just email us: PerfectFit@ShoeSprinkles.com and we'll pop a pair in the mail. Please include your order number, first name and last name.

In the meantime, until your insoles arrive, you may want to try stuffing some cotton balls into the toes of your Shoe Sprinkles. 

"Perfect Fit Insoles"

When you receive your "Perfect Fit Insoles":

  • Just place them into your Shoe Sprinkles (right on top of the insoles that are already there) 

If Your Shoe Sprinkles Still Don't Fit

<think about doing something else, rather than citing the exchange policy. something like: We're so very sorry the sizing didn't work. We really want you to be happy. Please contact us so we can make things right . . . >

It makes us really sad when this happens. Thankfully, it doesn't happen very often. But, if you've faithfully tried the techniques above (to stretch or tighten your Shoe Sprinkles) and they still don't fit properly, then we can do a "one time only" exchange.

Here's our "one time only" exchange policy (applicable for up to 60 days from your delivery date):

You may exchange your unworn shoes once, for a different size of the exact same shoe style, with the exact same customization(s). For example, let's say you purchased our "Pop Art" Dog Love slip-ons in a size 8 (customized with the name "Lucky"). You may exchange them, one time only, for a different size of "Pop Art" Dog Love slip-ons, customized with "Lucky". And, we'll donate your original shoes to ClothingDonations.org (a service of Vietnam Veterans of America, their mission is to serve the needs of all veterans, and their families, throughout the U.S.).

How To Exchange Your Shoes


IMPORTANT - Please do not mail an exchange until you have emailed your request and have received a reply with your EA # ("Exchange Authorization" number). We are not able to process an exchange without an EA #.

To make your exchange process a breeze, just follow these steps:

  • Email us at info@ShoesSprinkles.com to initiate an exchange. In the email please include your name, order #, and the email address you used to place the order. Please make sure to tell us that you are requesting an exchange. As long as it is within 60 days of your delivery date, we will email you back with an EA # ("Exchange Authorization" number).
  • Package your shoes, in the original box, and include a piece of paper with the following information: your name, EA #, and order #. And, please tell us what size shoe you want. 
  • Ship the package to us:
    Shoe Sprinkles
    130 Shore Road - Suite 174
    Port Washington, NY 11050
  • When we receive your shoes, we'll remake the shoes in the newly requested size. And, we'll donate your original shoes to a woman in need. 

Please note, we strongly suggest you hold on to your shipping receipt and tracking number, in the unlikely event that we do not receive your merchandise.